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Ghanda Logistic SRL is a modern transport company located in Satu Mare, Romania. We also have an office located in Denmark. For more information on Ghanda Logistic Aps, please check-out vkes.dk

Our clever and well trained staff handle transportation with our own trucks and trailers in EU. Our drivers undertake a special extra course before they start working with our trucks, to make sure they all know the laws and how to apply all regulation regarding transport in EU.
The company also owns heavy loads means of transport for oversized loading, in Romania and abroad.
Experience and commitment recommend us as a trustworthy transport service supplier.

We are dedicated professionals and wish to give our clients the best and most flexible services. We commit to have optimum solutions and continuous adjustment to client and market needs, to be effective, fast and safe.



If you have the goods, we have the transport!
We are specialized in transport of general goods by various means:
– Curtain side and open trailers
– Perishable foodstuffs in refrigerated trailers
– Oversized loads with 3 and 4 axle low loaders
– Dump trailer on 3 or 4 axle

All transportation will be in accordance with the applicable laws and legislation regarding the international transport and cabotage services. We work according to CMR convention and NSAB2000.

Our fleet is foreseen with GPS tracking system, so that we know in real time where our drivers are, and if the client requires, we can provide promptly and on time information as to the goods whereabouts.


We understand the impact of transportation on the environment, therefore we are committed to reduce as much as we can our company’s impact on the surroundings.

Our fleet is composed only of Euro 6 trucks, which will be subject to ongoing and dynamic development in order to ensure the newest and safest standards. We use procedures that are mainly focused on minimising the damage on the environment: our chauffeurs reduce to minimum the empty driving; through our GPS management system, we follow our trucks to make sure the drivers choose the most efficient route, to reduce fuel consumption and pollution.


There are no current positions available, but please make sure you provide us with your resume at book@ghandalogistic.com and when there are any openings, we would be happy to contact you, should you meet the job requirement.


Ghanda Logistic SRL
440117 Satu Mare, România
Strada Petofi Șandor, nr. 45, Et. 5, Ap B8
Tel: +40361411221
Fax: +40361411221
Mobil: +40767998702




Ghanda Logistic Aps

Allegardsvej 10
8200 Aabyhoj, Danemarca
Email: info@vkes.dk
Tel: +4522150029


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